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  • Xpress pro to Xpress DV OR ...

    alternate title = locking timecode on Beta to MiniDV dubs...

    Anyone that wants to help:

    The situation is this: I have 5 hours of footage on Beta SP that I want to pull into Xpress DV. The possibilty exists thta I might be able to digitze on an Xpress Pro machine I might be able to borrow time on but I don't lknow if I will then be able to open the Pro prject on my Xpress DV system (??) or how I would go about making that work. The other option would be to dub down the Beta tapes to MiniDV and use them for offline on my Xpress DV system but I'm not sure how to go about the dubbing to make sure that the timecode from the Beta will be locked and that the MiniDV timecode will match exact. Does this make any sense? Any ideas?

    thanks in advance


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    Re: Xpress pro to Xpress DV OR ...

    You can capture in Xpress Pro and move the Project/BIns, and media over to XPress DV as long as the project frame rate and resolution are supported on both systems.

    As far as making dubs, if the DV deck can take in a timecode such as LTC, then it can be set up to take in exact same timecode from the beta masters. Usually sending this to a facility or dub house with the proper instructions will do the trick.

    Anything 24fps