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24fps 16mm with pulldown to QT 25fps?

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  • 24fps 16mm with pulldown to QT 25fps?

    I have 24fps 16mm film project, Telecined at 25fps. This has been captured into a 24fps AVID project with Audio pulldown. I am playing back at 24fps with Audio transfer rate set at "Video Rate 100%+".

    The project is now going to the sound lab. They want a quicktime to load into pro tools. Along with OMF's of the sound.

    Surely the QT needs to have a frame rate of 25fps for the audio to be at the correct speed?

    When I make a QT (at 24fps as this is the only way I can find to do it) it comes out with a longer overall duration than my original sequence within the project - 4.1% faster unsurprisingly.

    If I give them a QT with sequence timecode burnt on using the timecode effect in IllusionFX it will of course be 24fps TC. Will this match the Master TC in the OMF's and EDL's? It doesn't match the Master sequence TC in Composer.

    As you can see I'm in a head spin. If someone can guide me through this I will be eternally grateful.