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Issue Capturing in Widescreen. Please help.

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  • Issue Capturing in Widescreen. Please help.

    Hello All

    I am trying to capture a video shot at 24p w/ Canon XH A1 in Avid but when I capture the footage it is in 4:3. I can't figure out how to change the settings to capture it in widescreen. When I capture in iMovie it is widescreen so I am probably doing something wrong in Avid. Any ideas? Thanks to all who can help.

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    Welcome to 2-pop, lecterielin!

    Did you change the monitors to be 16:9 Monitors?

    I think it's in either the General Settings or the Composer Settings (assuming, of course, you are using Media Composer...if not, check other settings similar)

    Avid is stupid-easy when dealing with widescreen footage. Just flipping the monitors from 4:3 to 16:9 resets everything to be 16:9.

    Of course, if you don't want to work in 16:9, then you have to use the effects to change the aspect ratio of your clips instead.

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      I just remembered that this forum is officially named "Avid Xpress DV" you're probably not using Media Composer....sorry...

      I don't recall where in Xpress DV the settings might be to change the monitors to 16:9. I haven't used Xpress DV in a couple of years.

      You may have to look it up in the manual....Try the section that describes set up, or if there's a section that goes through all the Settings. In Media Composer I know it's in one of the two settings I mentioned before...I just did a 16:9 project on a Media Composer while simultaneously working on a 4:3 project, so I was constantly flipping the monitors setting....

      Sorry if I'm not helping...
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        Thanks for the tip. The problem was resolved. It was as simple as switching to the 16:9 mode.


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          16:9 issues continued...

          Hey, I'm using Xpress Pro and I set my monitors to 16:9 but when I export, my video is squashed back into 4:3. I am capturing video that was just squashed using the 16:9 setting on a GL1 so it needs to be stretched back out horizontally. I edit news at a local station here in Cincinnati and our Avid Newscutter has an effect that you slap on the video in the timeline that gives the letterbox format while correcting the video. The only thing I can find in my Xpress Pro effects are 16:9 masks that just cover up the top and bottom of my vertically stretched video.
          Thanks for any help,


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            Welcome to 2-pop, Dustin...

            It's been awhile, and I don't have access to Xpress Pro any I can't go spelunking for you....

            But if memory serves, you want to add the basic 3D filter and distort it either 33 or -33 (sorry, flabby remembrances....)

            Try that....if it makes sense...



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              debe, Thanks for your reply. I checked it out but the only 3d section of effects I have is 'Xpress 3d Effect' and it does not contain a 16:9 effect. I have a handful of 16:9 masks throughout my effects palette but like I said, they just mask the video, not distort it back to what it should look like. Everyone says that just by changing the monitors to 16:9 that should solve it.. am I understanding that right?.. because it works as far as viewing it correctly while I edit.. but not exporting it properly. This seems rediculous to me right now.. or I am just being stupid. It is SO easy on the Newscutters at work. When I start the project do I have to say it's 16:9? That doesn't make sense.. what if I want to mix 4:3 and letterboxed 16:9 for viewing on a 4:3 T.V. like when we are editing at the station and someone gives us squashed video... we apply that effect and it corrects it and letterboxes it.. then we have a 4:3 sequence with some letterboxed stuff in there.
              Thanks again,


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                (please see above)
                Well I'm at work now and it is under the reformat section in the effects palette.
                I don't think I have that in my xpress pro software.


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                  You're not looking for a 16:9 effect. You need to distort your picture 33% on the horizontal to stretch out the pixels to their proper position.

                  Use the 3D effect to do this, not a 16:9 mask. I'm sorry I can't be more specific. Like I said, I don't use Xpress DV anymore. The one I used is now three states away in my old clients' new office.

                  You might want to try Avid's forums at There are likely folks there who are using Xpress now that can help you more.



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                    No apologies necessary! Thanks for your help. It's not in my 3d effects and I don't have the 'reformat' section of effects like we do where I work. It's like the ONLY section of effects I don't have compared to the 'Newscutters' at work. I have all the plasma wipes and everything. My version of the software is a few years old I think anyway. I'll check the forums.. thanks anyway!


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                      oh and I understand exactly what I am looking to do.. distort it, not mask it.. I have several different widescreen style masks.. I thought the one called anamorphic would distort it back to what it should look like but it just masks it to look like an anamorphic film. These masks just leave me with an even narrower sliver of distorted pixels! The 16:9 reformat at work brings black in at the top and bottom.. pushing the video back into it's normal look, not covering any of the picture. Wish I just had that!


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                        But what I'm saying is you don't need a specific EFFECT to do that.

                        You need to use the normal, standard, run of the mill Avid 3D effect and distort it yourself 33% (or -33%, I can't remember how Avid does the math on this).

                        It's very simple, and it why you're not finding an actual effect that does it. Xpress dropped a lot of stuff to make the code lighter.



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                          Man why didn't I see this before! Under the 'Squeeze' effects, 'vertical centered' does the trick! I set the slider around 67 and it looks about right. I'm sure there is info on exactly where to set that slider but for now I'm happy that I can do it!
                          Thanks for your patience debe <
                          Now on to fixing the jittery pan problem... even when directly viewing a QT reference that I dropped onto my desktop, the first slow pan of my sequence is jittery... and the snow falling sometimes starts and stops a bit (jittery as well). I actually haven't sent the QT reference to DVD yet but I think it will still be jittery. It's not jittery in my timeline sequence.
                          Jittery very much,
                          Dustin .... jittery


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                            Ahhh....see, that's not what I remembered! I think you can accomplish it both ways, though.

                            The jittery...well, it could be a few things. Are you judging the jittery on the computer screen or on an external video monitor? What is the source of the footage? What are you using for media drives?



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                              Well, I captured directly to my laptop's hard drive but my effects are on my external Western Digital USB drive. Now my sequence might be placed on the USB drive even though I captured the raw to my C drive on the laptop?
                              As far as what I am using to monitor.. I am using a 19 inch ACER LCD attached to the VGA out of my laptop. The thing is, it looks fine playing from the timeline in my AVID monitors displayed. It only jitters after I export it as.. anything really, an AVI, QT reference... . I export to my desktop, which I guess doesn't matter since a QT reference just looks at where the video sequence is on the hard drives.. right? So fine in the AVID timeline, not fine exported.. I tried to put it to DVD to see if it would smooth out but it didn't. I'll try to make sure I'm just running off the laptop's hard drive. That would be best? I know I'm a little long-winded and repeat myself but I want you to have the best picture of what I'm doing.