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Issue Capturing in Widescreen. Please help.

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    Sorry I haven't been on here.
    I have a good workflow going now. I just capture to my internal drive and then consolidate to the external SATA drive. I can capture fine if I disable deck control and just hit play on the camera and then record in AVID. I have all the little quarks written down. Best export mode for me if I'm remembering right (I'm at work) is an uncompressed windows media format. Have smooth pans now, video looks good with no interlacy type junk. So.. I'm working on a little project now and having fun... keeping my fingers crossed. About to post a new thread about placing transitions over vertically squeezed video. I have 16x9 letterboxed in a 4x3 frame.. so the edge transitions with width or color fill the entire 4x3 frame still... going up into the black letterboxed area. Any suggestions?
    Got to go.


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      I'm glad it's workin' for you!

      No need to apologize! We're all here when we can be....for me, sometimes those pesky clients who expect me to work when they're paying me just get in the way!!

      The "easiest" way I've found to keep full-frame transitions from messin' with the illusion of 16x9 is to just put a letterbox on the topmost empty layer over the entire length of the 4x3 timeline. Then anything that's outside the 16x9 aspect ratio will simply be covered up.

      I either make my own in Photoshop or use the 16x9 mask effect.

      There might be a "better" way, but this has always worked!



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        Thanks debe!
        That's exactly what a person on the Avid community forum told me. I felt stupid it was so obvious. My mind is just numb from cutting simple sequences for the news every day for the last couple of years... third shift. Rarely even using two video tracks! Now that my mind has been jump started back into multi-track thinking.. I should have fewer questions like that as I should be able to solve such simple problems.
        Now, If I am not mixing any footage.. it's all 16x9.. can I not letterbox it and work in a "16x9 project"... or set an export setting for 16x9 or what? If so.. when played on a dvd player connected to a 4x3 set, will it know to letterbox it? In addition, I guess this will help maintain resolution when using my 16x9 video? Also saves from having to apply the squeeze effect to a whole 4x3 project.
        Thanks again debe. You're the best.

        The things people will ask of you when they're paying! I'm positive you will drop all contract work and respond ASAP.