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Poor image quality from Canon XH A1 - help again.

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  • Poor image quality from Canon XH A1 - help again.


    My Canon XH A1 is killing me. First I had grainy image, but having loaded some nice custom presents, the grain went away. Now, the footage I caputre on my camcorder looks blurry on my iMac. My resolution on the iMac is 1920 by 1200. Could this be the reason why it looks 'out of sync' or is something wrong with the camcorder? I mean, I tried everything manually and I tried everything on auto including focusing adjusting white balance etc and I still get a distorted image (that is, not clear not really focused well) on my iMac screen. Any ideas?

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    You really should be monitoring using an external video monitor. The computer screen only gives a proxy image. It's not what the clip really looks like.

    Look in the manual under the setup section. It should have some nice diagrams on how to connect up external audio and video monitors.

    A professional production monitor is best, but in a pinch, a television will work. You won't be able to make quality judgments on color and video levels using just a TV, but you will get a better image.