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DV Xpress Computer speaker- ARRGGHH!

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  • DV Xpress Computer speaker- ARRGGHH!

    I am using a version of Avid Xpress Pro v5.5 that was purchased in late 2006, and is now installed on a newer system. My original system did not have a speaker installed in the computer itself. The guy who built this system put a speaker in it for no particular reason.

    Now, when I digitize video with audio OR play back from the timeline, the audio blares at a fixed annoying volume out of the computer speaker!

    I can fix this by hitting the 'mute' icon located to the left of the level meter display on the top of the timeline, but the system refuses to save this setting, so the audio returns to the computer speaker every time I start Avid Xpress!

    How do I save the muted speaker setting?

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    The system is also not remembering my tape names... When I reopen Xpress, the digitize window comes up only with "New Tape".... I am forced to retype the tape name.

    It is saving timeline configurations (other than the speaker), but some settings seem to be defaulting.