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  • Avid Xpress to Media Composer

    What would I need to do to take an Avid Xpress project and work with it in a Media Composer project?

    I'm working on:
    Power Mac G5, OS X v 10.4.3
    Avid Xpress 4.1

    I should mention that my client just had her computer optimized and needed to have her OS re-installed. I had to re-install her Avid Xpress 4.1. When I tried to open it after I re-installed it, it would open for half a sec, then shut down. An Avid tech told me that was b/c the OS system is not compatible with that version of Xpress. I then downloaded Avid Xpress 4.8.4, installed it, got another message that the system is not licensed to run this software. As per another Avid tech, I downloaded and dragged DongleUpdater.exf to the DongleUpdater folder. I tried to open the .exf file, couldn't. I tried to open DongleUpdater; it opened and when I clicked on Update Xpress, I got a spinning ball. The application ceased to respond. If I can fix this problem, I won't need to go to Composer. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!
    Juan Doe
    Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez

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    throw the project on a jump drive. It'll open fin in MC. You can then batch from those bins.