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no audio on MC DV ingest - works w/ iMovie ok

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  • no audio on MC DV ingest - works w/ iMovie ok

    I want to capture/ingest from a dvd player (Pioneer DVR-310) that has a firewire-out port, on my G5 (2004) with the Mojo & all other firewire devices disconnected. Video is fine but no audible sound, audio trks 1 & 2 are active for capture, 1394 is the input hardware, also the Avid (MC 2.7.2) recognizes that it's seeing 48k coming in because when I switch the Audio Project setting to 44k it says after capture "expecting 44k & getting 48k - switch your Audio Proj. setting." In Stats view the lists a DV captured clip as having 48k but there is no sound on playback or movement on the VU meter. As my subject line says iMovie will ingest in the same configuration just fine, any ideas on how to get this working for Avid capture?

    I did a Avid-L archive search on 1394 and did not see this issue come up.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

    Paul Dougherty

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    No audio

    I've had a similar problem passing thru my DSR-11 deck. It's a weird bug that I only solved by simultaneousy recording on the DV deck while capturing to Avid.