We (Avid) are organizing a series of one hour focus groups on Saturday and Sunday (March 14th and 15th) during South by Southwest in Austin Texas, and are looking for independent and aspiring filmmakers to participate. Each session will include free refreshments and a prize drawing for Avid products.

We need your help to ensure we understand the full picture of the challenges and problems you face by gaining a full appreciation of the influences and demands placed on you. Your input is critical to making sure our future plans, strategies and directions align with customer realities. We hope you will gain something from this too: Not only is this an opportunity for you to influence our strategy and direction, but hear input from your peers, as well as share your knowledge and experience in this unique forum.

Please contact me via my blog (http://www.protoolsblog.com/contact/) for more information if you are an independent or aspiring filmmaker (editing, fx, finishing, etc) that would like to participate, it should be fun!


Scott Church
Market Solutions Manager