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    Hi i have no idea if i am in the right forum but i need help.
    My brother bought 4 sony dv tapes and used them to video my wedding, one of the tapes didnt record and the other 3 snapped in the camera-apparently they did record though, they are obviously dodgy tapes. How can i get these fixed? i have no idea what i am doing and dont want to lose any of the video so is there anywhere i can send them? i am trying to log a complaint with sony to see if there is anything they can do but at the moment, im having no joy. what do i do, the video is very important to me and will be really upset if i lose it forever. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Splice the tapes. You can use scotch tape on the shiny side, cut back any crinkles or stretched tape first. I usually cut the tape on a diagonal before splicing.
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