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HD "offline" workflow????

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  • HD "offline" workflow????

    This may be redundant for many of you, but I can't quite pull up an answer by searching, and many posts seems dated already.

    I have 60 plus hours of footage on a long form doc we're shooting in HD 720p /24. I generally like to dump everything in for the edit, but wonder if that is just unrealistic in terms of affordable storage for that much media. Will probably digitize to ProRes 422.

    Buying a new HD edit system next month which will likely include something like these basics:

    MacPro 3.0 Ghz / 4GB Ram / ATI 1900 Radeon / AJA IOHD / 3TB Caldigit s2vr raid / latest FCP

    My questions are these:

    1. Is there an easy workflow to capture the footage at lower res and less storage space, and then recapture exact footage needed in finished final sequence on the same system in ProRes 422? (this was my workflow with Beta SP, captured everything DV res, then recaptured "online" uncompressed just the media needed in the finished sequence). Anyone have experience with similar workflow with HD footage?

    2. Can anyone tell me what the storage rate is for ProRes 422, how many GBs per minute of footage? Perhaps I can just input everything that way and fit onto 3 or 4 TB eSata raid????

    Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
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    If I read the specs right (not a guarantee), ProRes is variable bit rate but caps out at at 88 Mbps for 720/23.976. So that's .66 GB/minute, ~40GB/hour. So all your footage should be about 2.4 TB.

    While FCP supports capture and edits at low res, I'm not a fan. I think it ends up being more hassle than it is worth.

    The specs say that you shouldn't even need a RAID, not sure how true that is in real life.

    If you search the net for "Prores white paper" you'll find the Apple specs doc.


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      I found these specs myself... which kind of answers the question for me about offline/online process. Why bother? With this kind of storage capability, just dig once at ProRes HQ and do the work. Done.

      I also read the piece about not needing more expensive Raid arrays. Anyone else here with ProRes experience care to comment of kind of gear which might be needed to work with various formats effectively? Firewire 800 drives???


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        I'd look into an eSATA RAID. You'll need to add a SATA card to the MacPro.



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          In our studio we do Pro Res a lot off of FW800 drives and have no problems at all.
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