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Scanning printed artwork for HD

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  • Scanning printed artwork for HD

    This isn't necessarily an FCP or a doc question, but I thought some of you might have the best experience with this. I'm working on a piece that contains a lot of art work (paintings). We've been working with images scanned from books so far, but of course when I push in tight on the images, you can see the halftone printing dots from the pages. I've played with descreening in Photoshop, but you inevitably lose detail.

    Short of flying all around the world and shooting each piece of art on an animation stand, what's the ideal acquisition strategy for something like this? I'm working in HD (1080p) btw, so resolution is critical.


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    I'm not an expert at all in this area, but are you scanning at a high enough resolution? 1200 dpi?
    See if this tutorial by Loren can help.
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      A minimum scan of 300+ should do you fine. The higher the better. HD is still only 72dpi just like SD, just a larger frame size. FCP doesn't throw away pixels of stills, just adjusts them to fit the 72dpi frame. So higher dpi images are larger in FCP (either SD or HD) and allow you to increase the image size more while retaining more image detail. I've done this in HD with images we scanned in at 600 DPI and we were able to zoom in REALLY close with excellent details.
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