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Art of Burning the DVD

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  • bandapart
    Hi Julian,

    If you are burning this DVD intending for it to be played in a DVD player (as opposed to a data DVD), then it has to be compressed, either into a MPEG-2 or h.264 stream. That's just how DVDs work.

    Since this is to be used as part of a status report and not for broadcast, the quality should be fine.

    -Tim Baron

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  • JulianLang
    started a topic Art of Burning the DVD

    Art of Burning the DVD

    I have a 9.x GB segment that I need to send to the "funder" as part of a report. I am burning the QT broadcast quality video using iDVD onto a (gasp) 4.7GB blank dvd. What are my options?

    Do I need to break up program into part 1 and part 2? Can I compress and still have broadcast (i.e., television) quality?

    This project has my computer taxed, me taxed and everyone around me taxed. Help me get this thing out of my hair.

    Danke, J