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  • making voices pop out

    Hi, I have FCE not FCP, well i do have a version of FCP but it's a bit older, if that is of any use... but anyway...

    Here is my problem: I shot a little promo for a small non-profit and it included a few spontaneous interviews. I unfortunatly only had the in-cam mic, so some of the intvs with lots of ambient noise (very loud crowds) drowned out the voices of the interviewed people. I have been messing with the audio filters a bit but i feel like i have no idea what i am doing. The voices ocasionally become more audible, but sound tinny and weird, and generally it just doesn't work. Does anybody have a good trick, or a little guidance anyway?

    Thanks a million and a half.


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    Hi Elena,
    My partner is an 'audio professional', and does all our mixes, so I feel very lucky for that. He has said that what you have to do is to carve a a space in the frequency for the voices. how to do that? You can try boosting the voice range (between 1K and 2K) a little, or lowering the rumble of the room noise. Here's a tutorial that may help. Be sure to check for more audio articles, and LAFCPUG also.
    George Stoney once told me to just use subtitles in the same situation…
    Best, Gretta
    Downtown Dailies/blue studio
    Documentary & Advocacy Video
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      thanks Gretta!
      I will most certainly check that out!