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log notes for markers don't show up in any column for Apple + F

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  • log notes for markers don't show up in any column for Apple + F


    Although I'm not a fan of subclipping off of master clips (I'd rather log and capture from the tape ahead of time), sometimes I like to subclip, putting markers in the main clip and type log notes with key words in the log note field of the marker dialogue box.

    However, when I do this, the log notes only show up on the marker within the master clip, not in any column when I drag the markers into a new folder

    Therefor, if I want to APPLE+F in the browser bin for a key word I may have logged in the marker box, it can't find it.

    However, if I drag the markers into a folder and THEN type in a log note into the "log note" column, it can find it. But it seems there should be a way to create markers, enter log notes in the dialogue box for the marker and then be able to see those log notes generate into one of the logging columns somewhere. (and of course then be able to "find" any of those key words in the browser)

    Anything I am missing?

    Advise appreciated.


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    the Find function in the Timeline searches for marker comments in the 'Names/Markers' criteria…
    and if you write in the Log Note column before dragging to new bin , the note will come along.
    Here is an interesting comment at the bottom of this thread that addresses your problem, but unfortunately, no solution but to write to Apple (and Feature Requests forum here)
    I might simply put the whole clip w/markers in a sequence of its own, search for what you want, do F to match frame in the Viewer, Q, switch to my 'editing' sequence, and make the cut.
    Fussy, but we've been continually creating workarounds since FCP v.1; Apple catches on after a v. or 2.
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      Markers ahoy!

      I reckon that apple should wake up and start listening to these requests. (Yes we should also help by providing them with honest feedback).

      Once they realise that editors are not just into flashy wipes and multiformats, they will attract an even bigger following.

      Avid uses locators very effectively, it also has the ability to import scripts as well. Now, I'm not promoting AVID here at all, but they have listened in certain areas.

      For Final Cut Pro to feed editors with the right tools, we have to be vocal about our needs. These past comments are just a few that can continue making this program cool and fun to use.

      However, dealing with workarounds seems so amateur. We want tools that make our day shorter not longer. WE want tools that can help us find information.

      My beef is to improve that find function completely. how do I find the bin I used a clip from? Can't I have a button for that?

      Markers should be stronger. They should have the ability to be read in the original clip even if a marker was added in the timeline of the clip. simple stuff.



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        Thanks for advice SHIFT + F pulls up clip in bin!

        Thanks for the advice to everyone and by the way, if you put the playhead over the clip in the timeline, F pulls it up in the viewer. SHIFT + F flies back to the clip as it is in the browser bin. So that's one beautiful thing.