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  • Prepping clips for transcripts

    I've got two types of interviews in my doc footage - entire sitdown interviews and interviews on the fly in the field. I need to prep these to get to a transcription service. I've captured everything from HDV to prores.

    How best do I prep the two types of material?

    I'm especially wondering about the field stuff, as I know I'll need to cut out all the non-interview stuff. How do I keep timecodes straight? Make a subclip for each interview with it's own TC and drop the series in a time line?

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    I was hoping someone who gets TC entered into transcripts would answer you. I never have felt the need for TC in a transcript. I log and capture field interviews as separate clips, named appropriately, and drop them into a sequence, export the seq as audio only for transcribing.
    I make internal markers in the clips for different subjects, statements etc. I like writing on the paper transcript where the individual clips start and end.
    Sit down interviews, I L&C separate questions as well, any cutaways, whatever, and do the sequence export audio as well.
    Never been sure why or when TC would be useful in my all-DV world.

    post your solution,
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