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Best way to check for song duplication across multiple sequences?

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  • Best way to check for song duplication across multiple sequences?

    on a project with multiple scene timelines
    seperate scenes are assigned to various editors
    within the same master project file
    and a pool of public domain music that we are all drawing from

    we keep accidentally using the other person's music for different scenes

    is there anyway to check for where a particular song is used in a particular sequence within an entire project file?

    As a test, I tried using the find function in the timeline but noticed sometimes it could find the aif and other times not at all

    the duplicated frames function only works with video obviously

    is there a simple way to check for this or is it just good ol' fashion leaving a list for the other editor of songs used or color labeling songs in their music bins?


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    One way to check for songs repeated across sequences

    A PS

    As a test I copied the same song into two different sequences

    Highlighted the sequences in the bin

    hit Apple F

    looked for used media
    check in selected sequences
    put the name of the song and
    Find all

    it pulled up in the find results only one of the sequences

    Feel like I'm close if anyone knows what I'm missing

    Thanks again for advice



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      Suggestion, have your editors assign a "Label" to the sound file once they use it in a Sequence. Then you can see at a glance in the Browser what's used and not.
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        Find ALL in timeline helps find redundant tracks

        An update to this query, if I select find all instead of just find, it will highlight the song in the timeline

        Very nice



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          Thanks for the tip, Erin!!