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  • Logging software?

    I need to log a lot of video footage for a short documentary I'm making. I want to use a transcription program to make it easier and do things like let me enter the time code with a hot key.

    It seems, from looking online, that the two best options are Transana or Inqscribe. Anyone have an opinion on those? Any thoughts or advice would be great. I'm not wedded to either of these two, so if someone knows another one that would be great too. I'm looking to do very simple things - just take detailed notes of what's on screen - and if there are any free programs that do that it would be good to know.

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    I haven't used either, but have read lots of recommendations for Inqscribe; especially that one-click TC insert. This is not 'logging' your footage in the FCP sense of the word, but since you have to have the clips already in a QT format (I believe), i.e: captured, for the TC to be read, you know you can do extensive log notes right within FCPand it can all be printed out so you have those detailed notes in hard copy.
    Not certain what else you need, but I use transcription SW for interviews and FCP functions for shot descriptions.
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