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  • What to back up?

    I'm currently shooting a LARGE amount of AVCHD files for a documentary. What are the most important things to BACK UP? The camera and audio cards saved as disc images? Or the ProRes files after they've been ingested via Log & Transfer? If, god forbid, a hard drive crashes, how difficult is it to reimport material back into the timeline from the original files from a stored disk image?

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    Back up your card DMG's, and the Capture Scratch folder that contains your ingested video.

    Also, you should have a "Project" folder (whatever you call it yourself) that has your FCP project file, audio, graphics, VO work, etc. I'd put a folder inside of there with my original DMG's, too.

    This way, you have two locations that contain everything. One is used by FCP to store video it ingests. One is used by you for everything else. Back up both locations.
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