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  • Welcome to Cinema Tools - FCP for Film

    Welcome to the new Cinema Tools - FCP for Film forum. We have decided to put FCP for Film and a new forum category, Cinema Tools, together since a good percentage of the posts on the FCP for Film forum deal with telecine and reverse telecine issues within Cinema Tools. We also wanted to move this forum into the new Final Cut Studio category so we can have one place for all your Final Cut Studio questions.

    We will still cover all the topics previously covered in FCP for Film, things like audio sync issues and EDL and Negative Cut List generation. If you have any suggestions, please post them here or PM me.

    Thanks for hanging in there with us.
    -Tim Carroll
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    I worked on a project shot on film this year and hope to work with film again but there is more R3D, ARRIRAW and Alexa footage at my studio than film already. This "digital revolution" didn't revolutionize the workflow. In fact it didn't change the workflow much. What it did is it added a few steps at the head and tail of the usual pipeline.

    Now I have to do myself what a film lab did for me in the past. I receive the original camera footage, "digital negative", just like a lab would receive an OCN, make workprints — gamma-corrected QT Movies with burned-in metadata, sort, log and back-up this digital negative. Just like a lab I can do one-light and best-light workprints depending on clients' wishes and budgets.

    After the cut is finished and picture is locked I pull the used shots from back-up and assemble them just like a film lab would edit the negative. Often I have to pull some shots before the edit is finished because they go into VFX scenes and the effects work takes long.

    I don't grade the picture myself but when color correction is done I make married prints — join picture and sound. I can even do release prints, DCP, though for large scale distribution I'd still rather go to a lab. DCP key management is hell.

    This forum never was the busiest place on 2-pop. However there is no other place on the web with more info on editing in FCP for the big screen. I think questions about shooting Log and releasing on DCP feel very appropriate here.
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