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    Originally posted by Timmyjoe View Post
    That may change now that the Penelope has been introduced.
    For those of you self-edifying types (like me)...

    Aaton Penelope 35mm 2-Perf Camera Body
    Eric Peterson (AKA, "Zwick")
    Person in charge
    Content creation/Education


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      I have been watching this camera with bated breathe for four years now. Great to see it out in the reel world. Does anyone know of any shows that are shooting with the Penelope?
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        grain really isn't an issue with the quality of todays film stocks and scanners like an arriscan. That 26% more does help. I have just searched for the link but can not find it, but it is of a thread over on cinematography where an individual watched a test of the Penelope camera from Aaton. They stated that the 2 perf was virtually identical to the 3 perf. I agree though, the biggest drawback is that there is no headroom what so ever.
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          I shot a 2 perf feature last may. The post process wasn't without difficulties, but what I did was this:

          Digital Dailies direct to disk in DVCPRO HD

          Edited my "offline" in DVCPRO HD @23.98

          Sent an EDL and Negative to post house for 2K scanning of offline edit.

          Some cuts were NOT frame accurate (for reasons I still haven't figured out) but my scanner had a QT reference movie with burn in timecode to reference.

          The dicey part is when I had to basically reassemble my edit with the DPX scans (GET GLUETOOLS!) The timecode on the DPX files matched the timecode of the offline edits, so it was just a matter of reconnecting the media to the DPX stacks.


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            I guess the question here is how did you generate an EDL? The new version of FCP/Cinema Tools doesn't seem to support 2 perf. Big pictures are shooting 2 perf now, The Fighter, and I wonder what they are using for 2 perf editing and EDL. I really don't know why Apple didn't add this. Please someone come up with a plugin for Cinema Tools.
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              How did things work out? did you end up cutting on Final Cut Pro with Cinema Tools?

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