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35mm to PAL Digibeta, to FCP, to DI, to 35mm

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  • 35mm to PAL Digibeta, to FCP, to DI, to 35mm

    Hi all,

    I was recently contacted about editing a feature shot in India on 35mm (3 perf). They did a telecine to PAL Digibeta and are now planning to edit in the states on FCP. They will then return to India for the DI before ending on film.

    This gig would be a giant leap for me technically, as I have only cut DV features before now. I have been upfront about this and am trying to get my head around the workflow before meeting the director on Monday. I realize this is likely a rookie question, but...

    Am I correct in thinking we would want to capture the PAL at 25fps and then edit in the [email protected] mode so their timecode matches when it comes time to do the DI? Is there a good resource or guide for this process that anyone could recommend? Are there any drawbacks to this? I assume that this would not play out to an NTSC monitor because it is not 23.98.

    I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!