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Just Got Picture Lock... Audio Never Pulled Down

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  • Just Got Picture Lock... Audio Never Pulled Down

    I'm a sound editor who just got picture lock from the director on a hard drive. The FCP project is there along with a folder labeled to me with a QT reference video and the OMF. I watched the QT movie. I tawt a taw some lipflap, so I checked out the project and discovered that indeed, the audio was never pulled down.

    It was missed twice. The production mixer did not record at 48048 as he should have for film (and he has the technology, I know him), and the editor didn't squawk after syncing the straight audio to the pulled down video from telecine. She must have noticed something weird by the, oh, 4,000th frame or so in the longer takes, when the mouth is moving 4 frames later than the words coming out of it!

    I resampled the original production sound files in Pro Tools to the correct speed and did my own sync test. Magically the words fit. Now, I can go through the painstaking process of syncing these corrected files to every individual clip in FCP, but it will probably take me 16 hours, not to mention that they're lucky I even have FCP.

    Is there a better way?

    I don't think I can simply reconnect media because the project uses merged clips. The capture file is one long video only clip from telecine. Subclips were created for each take. There's an audio file for every take, and of course the pulled down files are longer than the originals, so I don't think there's a common reference point for the computer to find.

    Is it possible to just point FCP to the new audio files?

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    To answer my own question, no.

    There are two reasons why reconnecting media will not work. The sample rate corrected audio files are a different speed, so they will not line up neatly with the sync point set from the uncorrected audio files. Furthermore, the clips were not all synchronized precisely in the first place. Some have been nudged over to make lips sync later in the take.

    I'm moving along at a pretty good pace, though. I've synchronized half of the movie in less than six hours. I should be exporting a new OMF for myself sometime tonight.