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CORRECT WORKFLOW FOR 24fps FILM to 25fps TELECINE ([email protected])

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  • CORRECT WORKFLOW FOR 24fps FILM to 25fps TELECINE ([email protected])

    Hey there -

    Just a quick check, If I were to have 24fps Film material telecined to 25fps DV CAM PAL tapes is the correct workflow the following -

    1. Import a log file into FCP or Cinema tools and create a new database
    2. Create a batch capture list
    3. Batch capture the clips
    4. Batch conform the 25fps material to 24fps in Cinema Tools
    5. Synchronize captured clips with Cinema Tools database
    6. Edit in FCP using the Cinema Tools 24fps from DV PAL easy set up
    7. Finish Edit and export an EDL for film scan to DPX files

    or would this be the correct workflow :

    1. Import flx file into FCP
    2. Batch capture
    3. Conform 25 to 24 in FCP and synch with Cinema Tools
    4. Check Lab data in Cinema Tools and correct any errors
    5. Edit using the 24 @ 25 Easy Set Up
    6. Export EDL or Cut/Pull lists from the Timeline in FCP

    Thanks in advance


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    Conform in FCP. That'll keep the 25 fps timecode of your videotapes in FCP clips. It's useful in case you need to recapture. Also if you plan DI the lab will ask for 25 fps EDL's instead of cut lists.
    Michael Aranyshev