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Advice re workflow: Bolex to optical print

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  • Advice re workflow: Bolex to optical print

    Hi there,

    I'm working to a tight deadline and would really appreciate some advice re this project.

    This is a 16mm project going to married 16mm print with optical sound.
    The print will be projected at 24fps.

    I shot at 24fps on a wind-up bolex. The sound was recorded on a digital device, without crystal synch. The image is a close-up of a mouth talking. The sound is that also. So its lip-synch.

    The neg was running at 25fps when it was telecined, to miniDV, for the purposes if my offline. I am in the UK so working with PAL.

    I captured the rushes into a 25fps project. I was told to do this, as the man who makes the sound neg will make it at 25fps, he says he always does. So it will all synch up in the print, and when it is projected at 24fps the sound difference is miniscule.

    So I captured my rushes into a 25fps DV PAL project in FCP. When I brought the sound in it wouldn't synch up. I handed the sound over to an expert who deduced that it was very likely because Bolexes never run at exactly 24fps, especially the wind-ups. But he worked some magic on the audio file and now it is synching up perfectly in FCP, which is great.

    So I'm editing it now and going to send the EDL to neg cutters at the end of today, and the edited audio to someone else who makes the sound neg.

    But before I do so, I want to make absolutely sure that I have captured my footage correctly and am editing it correctly for the EDL and sound-synch as I know this is all critical. This is my workflow:

    I captured the rushes from miniDV (not miniCVcam) into a 25fps DVPal project in FCP. I shot 2 x 100 ft rolls of film, but only want to use the second one. So I logged the in and out point of the entire roll of film and batch captured it. I DIDN'T log the individual clips, just did the whole roll in one go.

    I will pull the entire roll into the timeline and use the razor blade to cut it up accordingly, in the timeline.

    I want to have black gaps in between takes. In these black gaps it will just be audio. I will create these black gaps by just using gaps of 'nothing' on the timeline

    I'll synch up the new altered sound.

    I'll export the EDL and check it against every cut.

    Does this all sound right?

    Also, the sound-neg guy wants academy leader with the snych-plop at '3'. Can I ask how to generate a synch-plop?

    Thank you very much for your time, much appreciated.