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Any news on a new Sony HXR-MCI coming?

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  • Any news on a new Sony HXR-MCI coming?

    I have been using an SD VIO POV.1 video-camera while running (mounted to my hat). Two features that I enjoy are the robustness, for the jarring it takes while I'm running, and the waterproofness, for sweat and rain.

    I have been looking at a new Sony HXR-MC1. I also want to mount it to my head. I'm planning on renting it from a local store for a weekend to try it before I buy it. I understand that not the entire unit is water-resistant - so I will have to come up with some sort of case or bag to protect it from any rain.

    Does any one know if Sony is planning on releasing a new version of this camera? It appears to be maybe 2-3 years old. I did a search, but couldn't come up with anything.

    Thanks for any tips.

    Link for POV.1

    Link for HXR-MC1