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LED lights in live shows - aaaagh!

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  • LED lights in live shows - aaaagh!

    So I've been shooting live theatre and dance for years, and I finally encountered LED spotlights. Help me!

    It's the dreaded flicker, just like flourescent.

    This is the future of live lighting, I'm told - uses less power, more controllable (live colour changes and so on).

    I had to go to 24f mode (canon XH-A1) and then switch frame rate to 1/24th but it still flickered a little - no one noticed it except me, though.

    Any solutions out there?

    I can't control the lighting in any way, because I'll be shooting theatre or dance shows, already heavily programmed, and I arrive on night 2 or 3 just to document. They aren't going to make any lighting changes for me, let alone swap out a dozen cues and un-install their shiny new lights.

    I just ordered a Panasonic HMC-150 which was enroute to my hot little hands during that shoot... but it's the future for me, so rather than XH-A1 solutions, I'm looking for HMC-150 solutions.

    Flick Harrison