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Creative Planet Network Forums Back - and an Intro!

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  • Creative Planet Network Forums Back - and an Intro!

    Hey there all!

    I'm happy to announce that the Creative Planet Network forums are back online and fully operational!

    By way of introduction, I'm Joe Pishgar, your resident community management professional here to help ensure that these forums are safe, civil, and secure. My team and I are here to help keeping the place up to date and functioning - and part of that included helping to get the forums back online.

    You might also notice that some of the minor thematic elements have changed a little - a few have been updated and brought forward just a tad in terms of aesthetic. While this isn't a full revamp we'd love to do, it's a step forward and hopefully a little easier on the eye. Of note, if you aren't a fan, you now have the ability to adjust your theme in your personal settings to go back to the previous default vBulletin 5 blue style. Here's a few quick items in advance of any questions you might have.

    Q. What does your arrival here mean for Creative Planet Network?
    A. The forums here will continue to operate as they always have, without too much in the way of change. One of the big differences you might notice in the near future (apart from the slight theme update) is that there will soon be more moderators available to help out, and counsel the administrators on categories and topics to add.

    Q. What does this mean for the community policies and the way things work in the forum?
    A. No revolution required, no coup necessary. No big policy changes or guidelines shifts. Not going to rock the boat, toss the baby out with the bathwater, or any other euphemism for screwing something up for the sake of change itself. Over the next quarter or two, we'll likely impanel a new group of moderators from the active folks here to keep things clean and tidy at the spam level, and likely reorder and organize some of the categories.

    Q. What, if anything, will change though?
    A. Go about your business, nothing to see here! Really though, my team and I will be nudging the community here towards health and growth every so often. And we'll be making ourselves available if there's ever any complaints or issues that we can resolve. We're here to serve as your point person/s and advocates.

    If you have any other questions, I'm happy to answer them! For those of you interested, please do keep a look out for future announcements about moderation team opportunities, and requests for feedback on possible tweaks to the forum coming up.

    Glad to be with you, and here's to a great conversation on creative work!

    Warm Regards,
    Joe Pishgar
    VP, Global Community
    Future plc