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  • Hey folks,

    Here are this week’s new tracks. Free to use with attribution.

    On my Funny 6 page:


    On my Puzzle Music 4 page:

    COOL PUZZLE GROOVIN’ – (Looping)

    And on my Urban Ambience page:

    STREET_W29 – General street ambience.
    STREET_W29_2 – General street ambience.

    Attribution information is here:



    • Greetings!

      This week’s new music tracks are:

      On my Puzzle Music 5 page:

      “LIGHT DROPS” – (Looping)

      On my Sci-Fi 8 page:

      “STRANGE THINGS” – (Looping)

      And on my Techno page:

      “BLISSFUL TRANCE” – (Looping)

      Ogg Music update:

      All of the tracks on my first Puzzle Music page are now available as super high quality Ogg files for a very small fee. It’s a cool way to support my work and my site. I hope some of them are helpful!


      • As Halloween approaches, I thought I’d focus this month on creating new tracks that might be useful in Halloween-themed projects (or horror, etc.)

        That said, all of this week’s new tracks are on my Horror/Surreal Page:

        SHATTERED MIND – Surreal and disturbing, this could be used in all kinds of nightmarish things I’m sure. Easy to loop as well.

        WELCOME TO THE MANSION – A haunted mansion that is. Muah hah hah!

        SHATTERED REALITY – Another surrealistic piece. Might sound cool in a sci-fi project, too.

        All of my tracks are 100% free to use with attribution. Enjoy!


        • Happy Thursday!

          Here are this week’s new tracks…100% free to use with attribution:

          “MYSTICAL HIGHLANDS” – (Looping) – Perhaps atop faraway mountains where the clouds drift below you. Or maybe in the quiet alleyways of an ancient city.

          Here are a couple new music tracks that might work for Halloween projects…or perhaps other things:

          "CREEPY HOLLOW" - Will you venture into the mist-filled forest? This track loops easily, btw.

          “THE ATTIC OF SECRETS” – (Looping) – A dark, drafty place filled with long-forgotten things. What will you find?

          Have a good weekend…and keep being creative!