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We will not approve any job posting that do not pay.

Employers: please be sure to include an email or mailing address in your post so applicants can contact you. Include salary or internship information when appropriate. The more detail you can give the better applicants you'll get.

If you have multiple positions, please combine them into a single post.

Very Important: Please include the location of the job in the subject line.

We do not recommend posting phone numbers or street addresses as you may quickly find yourself flooded with calls and walk-ins. Email addresses and P.O. Boxes are typically the best bet.

If you need to edit or delete a job posting after it has appeared online, please submit another posting with the word EDIT in the subject and describe the changes you need to make and to which post you are referring.

Job posts automatically expire two weeks after they are posted. If you haven't filled your position in that period you can repost.

Job seekers: please make all replies via private email or regular mail as specified by the employer. Don't post replies on this board as the employers will not receive them.

International Applicants: please note that in general, employers are seeking local applicants. If a job is open to overseas or international applicants- we request that employers make notice of this in their job postings. Eligibility for a job opening is the applicant's sole responsibility.

2-pop reserves the right to edit, refuse or delete job postings at its sole discretion. Job webmasters- copying and posting any posts on this board to another job site is expressly prohibited without prior written authorization from NewBay Media.

Noah Kadner
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