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Looking for Daytime Render Wrangler - Los Angeles- until end of April

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  • Looking for Daytime Render Wrangler - Los Angeles- until end of April

    Uncharted Territory is looking to hire a Render Wrangler to work closely with Technical Directors and Production associated with rendering. Position is full time until the end of April.
    RW's monitor and load balance the render farm, assist with crashed and erred jobs, and participate in the day-to-day management of render farm hosts. RW's provide rendering support for all VFX.


    Render Farm Management:
    • Detect and troubleshoot failed jobs
    • Follow-up crashed jobs and jobs killed because they were hung
    • Monitor, diagnose and resolve/escalate malfunctioning farm hosts
    • Keep the render farm running at maximum capacity
    • Monitor file systems for space availability
    • Monitor render farm I/O utilization
    • Request changes in storage volume sizes as needed
    • Identify and report trends and potential problems
    • Monitor render blade local disk caches and clear caches
    • where necessary
    • Monitor software license utilization on render farm

    Render Queue Management:

    • Monitor the Deadline render queue
    • Monitor the Deadline operation
    • Update and maintain the Deadline job priorities according to Production
    • Assist artists with (python) job submissions and job errors
    • Respond to all render-related Support Request Tickets
    • Work with production to forecast render resource needs

    Render Pipeline Management:

    • Update shot directories, libraries and servers
    • Render, inspect and fix frames
    • Provide render time estimates to producers, directors and animators for dailies
    • After hours and potential weekend render farm support


    • Good verbal and writing skills, good organizational skills
    • Able to handle a fast paced, high pressure environment
    • Can work well with a group or independently
    . Experience as a render wrangler or with Deadline Render Manager
    • Able to work very flexible hours on weekend evenings or nights. The shift will be daytime, but flexibility is important.

    Please send resumes with your full name and “Render Wrangler” in the subject line to [email protected] Thank you! Do not attach images or movie files to your email because they will get filtered out. Do attach a resume as a .doc or .pdf..

    Candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.