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  • Layout Artist | PIXOMONDO Toronto

    PIXOMONDO is an international visual effects company with a global network. We are recruiting for key positions in our Toronto office, where we would like to welcome anyone with the right experience to work in a fresh and challenging environment.

    We are looking for a Layout Artist with the following qualifications:

    • 3+ years of working experience or an extraordinary demo reel/portfolio.
    • Excellent knowledge of Maya.
    • Strong attention to detail.
    • Ability to take on a delegated task with minimal supervision.
    • Good organization and communication skills.
    • Ability to work under tight deadlines.
    • Strong communicational and interpersonal skills.
    • Ability to work in a strong team environment.

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Interpret and conceptualize the film script according to the Supervisor’s instructions.
    • Create scenes and shots by place characters, props and environments according to the storyboard/previz.
    • Put the characters in key poses to define their actions and movements.
    • Place tracked cameras and geometries properly in 3D space according to the live actions plate.
    • Define camera angles and animate them, if applicable.
    • Adapt shot staging according to the composition.
    • Check the conformity and continuity of the sequences.
    • Maintain timing and production quotas given by the Production.
    • Execute the corrections requested by the Supervisor and the Director by showing an analytic mind.
    • Organize work and prepare presentation elements for approval.
    • Communicate and seek information if necessary.
    • Maintain good team dynamics.

    Please send an email to [email protected] with your current resume and demo reel.
    PIXOMONDO is an international visual effects company with a network of studios in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, Stuttgart, Beijing, Frankfurt & Shanghai.