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Senior Paint Artist, Rising Sun Pictures, Australia

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  • Senior Paint Artist, Rising Sun Pictures, Australia

    Rising Sun Pictures are currently seeking an experienced Senior Paint Artist with strong experience in photorealistic live action beauty work to join our growing team.

    Employment period: Immediate start, through to late January 2019.
    Location: Adelaide, Australia. This position is open to Australian and international applicants. Visa and relocation assistance provided where applicable.

    Position Overview
    We are currently seeking a highly experienced Senior Paint Artist, with exceptional attention to detail and solid understanding of both hand and procedural paint, along with excellent rotoscoping skills.

    As well as complex rig removal techniques, this role requires a strong understanding of techniques used to achieve photorealistic beauty work on live action actor performances. This includes an understanding of facial and body anatomy; skin and cloth painting and clean up using both procedural and manual techniques, warping and stabilisation workflows such as advanced spline/grid warping and the Nuke Smart Vector toolset. The successful candidate will have past experience of challenging digital beauty work on live action performances demonstrating a high level of finishing quality while hitting the creative brief.
    Applicants with experience working in a live-action VFX production pipeline will be reviewed with priority. RSP is a Nuke and Silhouette based effects facility operating in a Linux environment.

    All RSP employees are expected to communicate clearly and manage their priorities in line with schedule and delivery parameters. Our expectation is that you will be willing to continually learn from those more senior to you and in turn pass your ideas and knowledge to those entering the industry.

    • Create and deliver paintwork and roto to the high creative and technical standard expected in a high-performing professional 2D team.
    • Create and deliver motion paintwork including, but not limited to, complex rig removal, tracking marker removal, and cosmetic fixes.
    • Create and deliver accurate rotoscoping, both as images and shapes, that is efficiently constructed with appropriate shape detail and number, and with accurate motion blur matching.
    • Create and deliver results that meet the creative and technical briefs provided by your Lead or Supervisor.
    • Work with your Lead to maintain and improve solid production workflows. Focus on reducing the time taken to complete repetitive or complex tasks.
    • Iterate your work as required by your Lead or Head of Department. Expect additional delegated tasks by them. Adapt work according to the changing needs of developing briefs.
    • Have the ability to step into a lead position and lead other artists and/or sequences as required.
    • Actively mentor and develop less experienced team members.
    • Diagnose and resolve issues within your Silhouette or Nuke set up, and work in a manner that allows other team members to pick up your work if necessary.
    • Adapt your prep setups as the brief evolves, diagnosing and resolving any issues with your own Silhouette or Nuke set up.
    • Review and QC your work for internal and external delivery ensuring it hits creative and technical notes.
    • Contribute to creative and technical conversations, with a view to raising the quality level of the final image.
    • Manage your workload effectively and advise your Lead and Production team of any obstacles which may affect delivery quality, timeliness or budget.
    • Promote a collaborative and enjoyable workplace influencing morale, fostering purposeful discussions and a positive work ethic.
    Required Skills and Experience
    • Minimum 4+ years creating high-end beauty work, paint and roto.
    • Expert knowledge of Silhouette and Nuke.
    • Strong level of attention to detail and a composed ability to self assess your work.
    • Expert organisational skills, maintaining a calm and professional demeanour in a delivery focused work environment.
    • Technical and creative problem solving with a can-do mindset.
    • Working knowledge of the VFX pipeline and entire post-production process, including interdepartmental dependencies and hand over processes.
    • Visual Effects, Fine Art, Computer Science, Physics or Mathematics or related tertiary qualification may be required for international applicants.
    To apply, please visit