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VFX Supervisor, Rising Sun Pictures, Australia

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  • VFX Supervisor, Rising Sun Pictures, Australia

    Rising Sun Pictures is currently looking for a VFX Supervisor to join our supervisory team. Applicants who are established, or upcoming, are welcome to apply.

    Employment period: Long term position, start date negotiable.
    Location: Adelaide, Australia. This position will be open to local and international applicants. Visa and relocation assistance provided where applicable.

    Position Overview

    The VFX Supervisor is required to supervise, monitor, direct and influence the wide-ranging creative aspects of high-end VFX production across multiple projects. Supplying creative direction, you will be directly responsible for driving success across entire VFX briefs, and you will have a strong understanding of all disciplines within the VFX pipeline.

    You are an expert people manager, a natural team player and forward thinking professional. You inspire people through your extensive VFX knowledge, clear communication and by setting and maintaining high quality standards. You implement solutions to improve the overall efficiency at a show level. Utilising available resources, you work with your team to consistently deliver high quality VFX within the allocated resources and to the satisfaction of show requirements.

    The strength of your creative eye, excellent communication, collaboration and leadership skills are highly regarded by your peers. You provide confidence to production that your team has absolute clarity in what is expected of them in terms of professionalism and shot delivery.

    Successful applicants will have an eye for detail and an eye on the big picture. You recognise the value of the sum of all parts in creating the big picture. Your job is not only focussed on overcoming technical and creative challenges, but ensuring your team are utilised to their full potential.

    • Work closely with production on setting delivery schedule and quality standards.
    • Ensure RSP delivers quality shots on time and on budget.
    • Collaborate with the art director to ensure all VFX shots are stress tested and meet the brief.
    • Prototype and roll out VFX in line with financial and creative parameters.
    • Review all work for internal and external delivery, ensuring it hits creative and technical notes.
    • Set discipline and quality standards by leading through example and regularly providing feedback to your team.
    • Ensure your leads are effectively running their teams, providing guidance to resolve issues in the moment.
    • Mentor and actively develop less experienced team members.
    • Promote a collaborative and enjoyable workplace influencing morale, fostering purposeful discussion and positive work ethic.
    • Work with the Sales team, assisting with VFX breakdowns, budgets and shot methodologies as necessary.
    Required skills and experience
    • Minimum 8 years supervisory or leadership experience in creating high-end VFX for live-action feature films.
    • Extensive production experience with Shotgun.
    • Have expert knowledge of, and experience in, dealing with a wide range of visual effects techniques.
    • Have an understanding of/creative eye for photography/film-making, lighting, design and [animation] timing/storytelling.
    • Practical understanding of the entire production pipeline process.
    • Multi-disciplinary understanding derived from working within Effects, Lighting, Compositing and Asset Teams.
    • Maintain a calm and professional demeanour in a deadline focused work environment.
    • Expert people management/leadership and organisational skills.
    • Technical and creative problem solving with a can-do mindset.
    • Expert time management and prioritisation skills.
    • Sharpened tactical and creative problem solving sensibilities with a can-do mindset.

    To apply, please go to