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  • Motion Graphics Artist

    We’re looking for someone who is naturally creative and has a thoughtful approach to crafting motion graphics.
    Your responsibilities will revolve around ideating, writing, and creating engaging motion graphics that represent complex concepts. You’ll be working alongside a seasoned creative team of viral video experts. Because our team is small, every single person (including yourself) holds a huge amount of creative say in every project we do.

    What you'll do:
    • Create wonderfully beautiful motion graphics for everything we produce from ads to courses. Graphics manifest as: full builds, partial builds, and kinetic typography
    • Improve our students learning experience by illustrating complex concepts through easy to understand motion graphics
    • Improve video ad conversions by 10% via motion graphics
    • Establish art direction for content and execute on it, from asset gathering to conception design and animation

    You'll be a good fit if:
    • You are the most creative person in your friend group
    • You have a deep appreciation for well crafted color palettes and delightful aesthetics. Your texture library is admittedly, obnoxiously large • You truly believe that any concept, no matter how complex, can be broken down into easy-to-understand, bite-size pieces
    • You are are a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to framing, composition, and timing
    • You re confident in your ability to recreate design aesthetics, but with your own personal touch:

    What we're looking for: • 2+ years of experience with motion graphics and/or Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field • A portfolio that demonstrates your ability to craft delightful graphics • Expert level proficiency with a combination of programs required to create beautiful motion graphics, including (but not limited to): After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop • Someone who is highly process oriented and organized • Experience working directly with senior level management
    Compensation is competitive, and dependent on experience: $60K - $75k annually.

    Contact me at
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