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Weta Digital - Senior C++ Developer - Wellington, New Zealand

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  • Weta Digital - Senior C++ Developer - Wellington, New Zealand

    Weta Digital seeks a Senior C++ Developer, to join our Production Engineering team.

    Production Engineering is responsible for the development of libraries and supporting tools which facilitate the creation and manipulation of scene data. This involves high-performance, in-memory scene representations for real- time and offline rendering, and interactive non-destructive manipulation. We embed this functionality in 3rd party applications as well as exposing it via C++ and Python APIs.

    The idea applicant will have ...

    5+ years of professional experience as a C++ developer
    Expertise with APIs such as Boost, STL, Qt, CLANG, Unreal or Unity
    Expertise with multi-threaded development and performance optimization
    Experience writing performance sensitive APIs for use by other developers
    Interest in topics like C++ implementations, compilers, and memory allocation strategies

    Either of the below would be advantageous ...

    Experience in the VFX or gaming industry
    Experience with application APIs such as Maya, MotionBuilder and Houdini

    If this sounds like you we would LOVE to hear from you! Please apply here: