Filmworks/FX NY is currently looking for a VFX Coordinator with 2-3 years of experience. Job Requirements are as follows:
    • Create and organize Schedules and Calendars for multiple Projects
      • Dates for Ingest, Review, and Delivery
      • Artist availability schedules
    • Emailing with clients
      • Receiving notes, schedules, and being an overall contact for clients
    • Ingest and Delivery of Footage
      • Unload and Load hard drives to and from our server
      • Make sure Drives match VFX Lists
    • Organizing shot status
      • Keeping an eye on the status of shots and the Artists working on them in conjunction with Delivery Status
      • Organizing Status on spreadsheets and/or Shot Tracking Software (Shotgun etc.)
    • Communication between Offices
      • Sharing Assets and communicating with the LA office to increase efficiency in our pipeline
    • Keeping track of Timesheets with HR
      • Sending Hourly timesheets of our Freelancers to Human Resources on the correct dates
    • Day to Day operations
      • Ordering food, office supplies, sending cleaning invoices, arranging services (internet, phone, IT, etc)
Please submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected]