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  • Philosophical Lens Questions

    So here's my quandary. I teach filmmaking. We have a number of Canon T3i cameras with a very small investment in Canon glass. I plan on purchasing a Panasonic GH4 for advanced students. Should I get MFT lenses or continue to purchase Canon glass for compatibility?

    However, I am also really interested in the Metabones SpeedBooster adapter for the GH4 but realize that at this time Metabones does not make a Canon EF to MFT SpeedBooster adapter. I am starting to believe that Nikon cameras may be a decent option for intermediate students with clean HDMI out to ProRes via an external recorder, something the Canons can't do.

    Which brings me to option 2 (or 3), buy Nikon glass that can be attached to MFT via Metabones adapters and also be used for new Nikon cameras someday.

    Thoughts, concerns and/or warnings?



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    Changing platforms is always a quandary. Personally, I make decisions and tend to stick with them over time. Like Macintosh in 1984 but that decision has me wondering a lot now . After using Nikon for decades prior to going to a DSLR FINALLY in 2011, I went Canon. That doesn't help you much... but... I do believe you can go out to an external recording device via HDMI via the T3i and other Canon DSLRs. You go into video mode without going into record mode. Search, "Live output from Canon DSLR Via HDMI."
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