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Momentary Signal Loss Thru iLink to DSR*2000

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  • Momentary Signal Loss Thru iLink to DSR*2000

    Hello to ya'll,

    I recently bought two used DSR 2000's from seperate vendors (one was practically brand new!!) to master my Glacier & Yellowstone projects to, and to enable dynamic tracking slow motion from machine to machine thru SDI.

    No matter what deck i use or what I switch the decks control switches to i intermittently get a loss of signal to the decks that shows up on my monitors to the decks. When i play back the signal as recorded, however, the video signal is recorded at the point of 'apparent' loss but the audio signal is not there for the split second of time. I thought, thence, that maybe there was a problem with locked/unlocked audio to or at the deck, but cannot find any mention of locked/unlocked audio in the owners manual or on the DSR*2000 itself, as my older DSR*30 did have. This was my only edumacated guess of what it could be. I have exhausted all of FCP's menu items that i would think may have relevance also!

    I am running FCP 7 on a 27' iMac and am running iLink thru a Belkin Firewire hub. I have never ever seen a likewise problem before using this setup with my previous record deck, the DSR*30 DVcam deck. Unfortuanetly the 27' iMac only has one Firewire port, therefore I'm forced to use the hub, although i do not believe the hub to be the problem, because it has never been problematic before these DSR*2000 decks!!

    Again, both decks from different vendors and one of them practically brand new are giving me these signal 'dropouts', even when there is not any audio on the tracks??

    a shot in the dark. . .