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Urgent! (To me, anyhow...) Quicktime Player knowledge required!

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  • Urgent! (To me, anyhow...) Quicktime Player knowledge required!

    Hi Folks,A semi-urgent question:I have a premiere tonight of a feature film. We exported the master out as an H.264 file. We have now discovered an error in the middle section of the film and need to splice in a better copy.I don't have time to reexport, but it looks like I can pull the master into Quicktime Player, split the clip, cut out the bad scene, and insert the new scene.Which comes to my question: What happens if I play it back in that state, prior to re-exporting? It seems to play fine with a quick check, but is there a different demand on my processer/RAM to playback pre-export over a self-contained file?Thanks to any and all answers!-jb

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    If I'm following this correctly... you can't edit a file inside of QT Player without exporting it back out again. Which means re-encoding and losing quality.
    Oh, you're wanting to leave that file open without moving the file and therefore not exporting it back out for playback... well, I guess you've already tried it. It should work fine. If you're saving as a reference file, I suppose that's fine too but it has to reference the original file in it's original directory. Not a great workflow, that's for sure.
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