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Exporting from FCP to Compressor problem

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  • Exporting from FCP to Compressor problem

    I exported my project from FCP to Compressor using DVD best quality 90 minutes. When I open the the movie to view a few frames of a clip of the movie the brightness level reverts back to default. I checked the film in the timeline and the few frames in question had the same brightness adjustments as the rest of the clip. Any ideas what happened and how to fix? Thanks

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    You are looking at the MPEG-2 after compression via what method? You are saying their is a gamma shift between what you see in the FCP timeline to what you see after compressing for DVD, correct? But how are you judging this? You need to make comparisons on an NTSC monitor.
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      I'm looking at the compressed file via quicktime. It's not necessarily a gamma shift issue as it is an issue with only the last few frames of a clip reverting back to the source clip without the video effects. So when I make a comparison with the movie I am viewing in quicktime with the FCP timeline it looks the same with the exception of those few frames of the one clip.