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Upconverted HD Quality on SD DVD

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  • Upconverted HD Quality on SD DVD

    I own an up converting DVD player that converts standard def movies I rent from the store to 1080p resolution viewing on my HD LCD TV.
    When I burn my own HD footage onto an SD DVD the resolution and clarity does not look nearly as good as when I watch Movies I rent.
    Is there any work flow, or way to get this kind of quality, or at least enhance the quality of my standard definition DVDs that I create from HD footage?
    Currently I use compressor and compress a Best Quality Standard Def Widescreen DVD straight from my HD footage in Final Cut. I haven't touched any settings to increase the quality as I have heard that DVD's with a bit rate too high may not play in certain players.
    Thank you for your help.

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    The SD DVDs are stuff shot on film, to start with, and were compressed with very expensive, high end compressors. Just because you shoot in HD does not mean you're getting optimal footage. It takes skill to get really great HD footage, which will then convert to SD very nicely. But your own footage with Compressor is not going to match the rented DVD's "film" footage compressed with much more expensive compressors.
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