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Compressor GFX Issue

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  • Compressor GFX Issue

    I just finshed three DVD projects for a client that turned out fine except I wasn't pleased with the graphics after m2v compression with Compressor. I'm about to start another project and would like to fix the issue if possible.

    Past projects were HD. Prores QT file. Original 10 bit uncompressed GFX in the QT were sharp and clean on the edges. After . mv2 compression edges are not as clean and body of text is slightly broken. Usable but not as good as the QT.

    I used the basic compressor DVD settings for best quality SD 16:9 with qualilty tweaked to 6.7/79

    New project is DVCPRO HD with DVCPRO QT. GFX look great. A test with Compressor at default setting for best quality SD 16:9 gives the same results for GFX.

    My aim it have the GFX in the DVD look as good as the QT.

    Any help would be appreicated.

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    Post a sample image of the graphics so we can see what you're dealing with.
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      GFX Example

      I'm not sure if you see what I'm talking about here. Jagged edges and interlace look to the letters. I know interlace can look like this on a computer but this is for TV and it looks the same as a DVD on broadcast monitor. The FGX just don't have that crisp look. Maybe I've been looking at HD too long.
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        That is very small, sharp high-contrast text. Not going to reproduce well in MPEG2. Use larger text, less contrasting colors, etc.

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          Thanks. I guess not all fonts that work for broadcast translate to DVD's.


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            There are some great tips for working with fonts in broadcast in the FCP user manual (help menu). Use an off-white, sans-serif, light drop shadow, etc.
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