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making video files for the new iPad in Compressor 3.5

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  • making video files for the new iPad in Compressor 3.5

    I have a FCP 7 project that was cut as a 1280x1080 DVCPROHD 1080p30 sequence. I need to export a file for use on a "new" iPad and I'm curious about what settings to use. There is an iPad preset in Compressor 3.5, but it makes a 720p file (and I don't see any way to modify it) and my client wants a full-res file. I see that the new iPad supports .m4v, .mpa and .mov files. If I make an H.264 with a .mov extension do I need to modify any of these settings? I'm using a Matrox Max H.264 card and here's the profile for 1920x1080p from any 1080p source:
    File Extension: mov
    Estimated size: unknown
    Receives 1920x1080 and compresses in 1920x1080
    Retain the source color space
    Encode at 29.97 frames per second.
    GOP size: 64
    P frame rate: 1
    Data rate=50.0 Mb/sec
    Retain aspect ratio when scaling
    H.264 level 4.2
    MPEG-4 AAC Encoder
    Audio Encoder
    Format: Audio
    Sample Rate: 48.000kHz
    Channels: 2
    Bits Per Sample: 32
    Video Encoder
    Format: Video
    Width: 1920
    Height: 1080
    Pixel aspect ratio: Square
    Crop: None
    Padding: None
    Frame rate: 29.97
    Frame Controls On:
    Retiming: (Fast) Nearest Frame
    Resize Filter: Nearest Pixel
    Deinterlace Filter: Fast (Line Averaging)
    Adaptive Details: On
    Antialias: 0
    Detail Level: 0
    Field Output: Same as Source

    Thanks in advance!

  • BenB
    Downloading FCP X, Motion 5, or Compressor 4 will only put all of the legacy Final Cut Studio apps into a folder inside the Applications folder called Final Cut Studio. The "Send To" functions won't work because they're looking for apps directly in the Applications folder, not in a sub folder.

    FCP X 10.0.4, Motion 5.0., and Compressor 4.0.3 updates recently released include presets for the "New iPad Retina Display" and "3rd Gen Apple TV 1080" higher resolutions.

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  • Zwick
    Originally posted by mmckee58 View Post
    iRonically, AME is the best thing to use when preparing video for iThings. It truly is a sick, sad world!
    As little as two years ago I was finding horribly encoded iPod, iPhone videos on the web, available for download. The image would go green, stutter and freeze--a total mess. Twice I e-mailed the site owners to let them know since both were industry related vendors, both responded they used Adobe Media Encoder. I'm on CS 5 and it does not directly support the iPad at 1920x1080. In fact, that article showing the pull down on the CS 5.5 version only shows iPad support up to 640x480 at a mere 1200kbps.

    EDIT: The recommended fix for this thread was made off these boards by the way and that was to get Compressor 4.0.3 This, I believe, will trash Compressor 3.5 and take away "send to Compressor" from FCP 7 (although I'm not sure) but who cares? I, for one, rarely ever used send to Compressor from the timeline and 3.5 is now old and due to the iPad 3, for example, it's lacking full-featured support.
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  • mmckee58
    iRonically, AME is the best thing to use when preparing video for iThings. It truly is a sick, sad world!

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  • Zwick
    You can probably use one of the H.264 HD settings for sharing in Compressor. I tried in Compressor 4 and played the video on an iPad 2 with some resizing occurring. I think that data rate might be too high, my test was 21 MB/sec. I'd sample out a couple of seconds and play with it, make sure it works... of course if you don't have an iPad 3 ...

    Compressor 4.0.3 adds support for 1080p for iOS devices.
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