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file format for webcast videos for pcs and macs

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  • file format for webcast videos for pcs and macs

    For a web video I exported a FCP 7 sequence via QT Conversion >MP4 with a H.264 Video Format. Some of the clients can't read it in .mp4 format. How should I compress so that the file can be read on both pcs and macs? Does mpeg-2 work for both? Or should I compress using another method? I've also been told to create a .WMV file. Thanks.

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    MPEG-4 is cross platform and should easily play on any computer.


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      Thank you Tom. I thought so too, but apparently at this company some computers cannot play back the file. I have asked to be sure they have quicktime installed. Alternatively I've created an MPEG-2 file so that those Windows users can watch via Windows Media Player. I've been told that MAC users need to install VLC player to view the MPEG-2 files. I've also created an H.264 file to see how that works for everybody. Someone at the company suggested creating .WMV file and I read that if I downloaded Flip4Mac Studio PRO HD and combine that with MPEG Streamclip, that could be another option. However that software is $180. I've also read that WMV files only play on a MAC when Flip4Mac (free version) is installed. So it is confusing to me which way to go to prepare a file that is universal on all computers.


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        I transcode regularly for a university that have PCs. They also have QT. Those at the school have had no problems playing mpeg-4 video files using either QT or the Windows Media player.
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          Found out that videos in iWeb do not play in Chrome. Safari and Firefox both good.