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  • DVD only plays back in Mac

    I exported files through compressor using the 'Fastest 90 min' setting. Put the files into DVD Studio Pro and burnt a disc. It plays back fine on my Mac and on two others. But I have tried 2 home DVD players and a blu ray player, none will play the disc. The footage judders on some but on all the machines eventually it freezes and goes back to the beginning of the disc. It never gets more than a minute in. All I changed were the bitrate and motion settings. Max bitrate to 8.0mbp and ave bitrate to 6.8mbp. Motion from better to best. Any ideas out there?
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    This isn't going to be of great help but just fyi... I've experienced many DVD players that would not play burned DVDs. I think in general though, we might need more information on the steps you took in authoring the DVD. I personally don't have easy access to DVDSP to refresh on the particulars of the app. I haven't used it since 2009 or so. We unfortunately lost our best (THE best) DVD guru a short while ago and he is greatly missed.
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      Usually I simply stick a dirty great MOV file in and let DSP compress it. Other than the quality, which was much less than what I do see on this disk in the first minute, they do at least play 99% of the time. I just find it strange that simply using different files to create the disc that they now won't play in any commercial player but are find on the PC. I am sorry to hear that your go to DVD man has passed on.


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        So if I export through compressor and produce separate audio and video files; is there other software that will write a DVD with them?